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I visited Cath with a painful bladder condition. I knew the cause of my problem but was eager to find an alternative way of treating the symptoms of my condition without having to resort to stronger pain relief medication. After the first visit I had complete pain relief for 4 days and a decrease in pain for the other 3 days! I have had more sessions with Cath and continue to get longer relief after each visit. My reflexology sessions are resulting not only with pain relief but carried out with the utmost care and courtesy.
RM, Hirwaun

Since having reflexology I have never felt better. I would highly recommend the treatment. It has given me my life back!
LL, Aberdare

I have been having Reflexology treatment with Mrs Catharine England for just over two weeks and in that short time I have found that my digestive system has greatly improved. For the past two years, I have been unable to eat properly cooked meals, my main meal per day was instant mashed potatoes with a half a slice of ham. Even with this very small plateful, have had to force the food into my mouth as I had no appetite at all and felt very nauseous all the time. In the past 7 days, I have actually began to eat decent portions of cooked dinners and my appetite has improved, I have even began to want food. I used to dread eating, but since receiving treatment with Catharine, my digestive system has improved enormously, and this after only two visits. I can only imagine how much better the whole of my general health will be as the treatment continues. I would certainly recommend her to anyone.
Mrs M.B. Rhigos

Following an extremely difficult time in my life, I decided to try reflexology with the hope that it could help me deal with the ensuing stress and grief that I was finding impossible to deal with. To my surprise, I found for the first time in years, I had relief from an agonising back condition which had doctors and physiotherapists in agreement that the only solution was increasing doses of stronger and stronger painkillers.

Reflexology achieved what I expected it to but continues to surprise me in what it achieves in other areas. My knee which previously gave me quite a lot of pain following strenuous exercise hasn't been a problem since I have been having treatment.

SA, Port Talbot

My son was only 6 weeks old and was crying regularly with pain due to constipation. A friend recommended trying reflexology. After just one 5 minute session the problem was resolved within the hour! He has continued to have regular reflexology treatments for a range of childhood ailments and relaxation.
N.S. Penarth

I am an insulin dependant diabetic in my 80's and haven't been able to feel any sensation in my feet for years. The problem gradually got worse until my legs were swollen and ulcerated from the knees down.

My daughter suggested I try reflexology. Within 2 treatments I had some feeling in my feet. With each treatment the feeling in my feet improved and the swelling, redness and ulcers gradually reduced.

Today my legs are looking great, my ankles and feet are no longer swollen and I can wear shoes again. I strongly recommend that anyone with circulation problems tries reflexology.

RD, Aberdare

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